Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Linky...Outtake Tuesday, join us!

You know all those reject pictures you take that may not be "the one" wanted for that particular post but are definately blog worthy? Cause screaming babies are just as cute as laughing babies! Well while going through all the outtakes of our family portrait session, a little light bulb lit up! Start a weekly link up to see everyone elses oopsy photos, and just like that  Outtake Tuesday was born! They can be of your lil ones, lil furbabies, you, or whatever you took pics of recently. 

So here it goes, ^^This will be the button for your post^^ if I can ever figure out how to do it.
If you can tell me, PLEASE do. I'm still learning this stuff & for the life of me CANNOT figure this out!


Bring on the outtakes...


  1. Hi following back from a boy named after a car, adorable baby and love your dog :)

  2. Thanks, she's our first child hehe. And you have quite the handsome little man yourself =)