Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pound for Pound Challenge

Almost two years ago I made a decision to lose a lifetime of burden weight FOR GOOD!

 And lose weight I did.

Over ten months I lost almost 50lbs. and felt uh-mazing! Even though I still I had a ways to go it still felt great not to be carrying that weight around anymore. I was so empowered that I had actually done it, & knew with hard work I would finally be a healthy weight for the first time in my life!

Then on October 27, 2009 I found out I was pregnant! After trying for a year and a half we were FINALLY expecting! 

I knew that I would gain some of the weight back during my pregnancy & I tried to eat most of the same foods I had when losing. However, Carson didn't necessarily want those healthy foods all the time.

Oh no no no, he wanted things like pizza OMG, had to have it at least once a week!, Arby's mozzarella sticks, fried
 chicken, & salty french fries...you think I might have gained a little weight back?

Uh, well you'd be wrong, I gained it all back, plus some. CHYEA. Holy preggo Cow. I know!

Now five months after having my son I have lost 44lbs. and have about 70lbs. more to lose to reach my ultimate goal. Which sounds like soooooo much but I know I can lose it all, it will just take time.

While I'm losing this extra poundage it would be great to give it back in a different form (food preferably) to people who need it right? Well that's exactly what I'm doing, with the Pound for Pound Challenge.

For every pound you pledge to lose through May 31, 2011, the Pound For Pound Challenge will donate 11¢ to Feeding America® — enough to secure one pound of groceries on behalf of local food banks.

You can pledge to lose up to 50lbs or if you don't need to lose any weight you can pledge to maintain your current healthy weight, which is good for a 5lb. donation to a food bank in your area, of your choice. Then once you've reached your goal or the end date of the challenge, just go back to the site & log your success!

I'm inviting all my friends, even bloggy ones, to join me in the Pound for Pound Challenge and give back to your community while losing those few pounds you put on over the holidays or over the past year. <<clears throat>>

 Let me know if you pledge & we can encourage each other!

I pledged 30lbs., how much will you?

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