About Us

Paul & Britney
He is a police detective. Loves football almost as much as his family. Bengals fan for life,Who Dey! Drinks only water & coffee. Workout-a-holic. Amazing hubby & father.Makes me laugh EVERYDAY!

I'm a recent medical assisting graduate & SAHM. Couldn't live without family nearby. Have no idea what people ever did without DVR. Clean when I'm mad. Realizes I make the kissy face in pictures way more than I should, but can't help myself. Addicted to diet Mt. Dew.Spend my days with a little man & prissy dog.

Carson Michael
Birthday: July 14, 2010. 
A crawlin' & cruisin' fool. Loves his bff Daisy(the dog), Can't wait for his daddy to get home every day & grins ear to ear the second he sees him. Momma's love bug, loves music & dancing. Mommy & Daddy's little monster man.

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  1. I have the code for your button but it won't let me pot it in the comments and I don't see an e-mail address for you so e-mail me and I'll send it to you :) dirtandlace@gmail.com