Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Need some advice...

Okay peeps, I need some advice. Almost every time Paul or I walk out of the room & lil man can't see at least one of us he either a) Fusses & whines or b) Screams/Cries like we just disappeared forever. I'm sure this partially comes from being a stay at home mom, one of us like always being in the room with him (not on purpose, just because that's how it goes down) & barely ever leaving him with anyone so we can go out, we just take him with us. Today my mom sat with him in the waiting area of the tanning salon while I tanned for FIVE minutes before I did my Mystic & by three minutes, thirty seconds he was screaming! I could barely handle the last bit of time & I got dressed in like 20 seconds, not even playing. I came out, he had tears flowing down his face, my mom handed him to me & he immediately stopped crying &  friggin SMILED!

I think I'm in trouble, y'all!!!!

Everyone says he is spoiled & we need to leave him more often so he gets used to us not being around....

Can you even spoil a five month old?

And I don't want to leave him more often, I'd rather have my little family all together!

What should I do? I need for him to be more comfortable when we leave the room, but how do I change this separation anxiety thing he's got going on? Will he grow out of it or will it get worse? Anyone else had to deal with this?


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  1. Actually, this is a normal thing that most all babies do, regardless of whether they have stay at home moms or not! It's separation anxiety! Basically, your kiddo is finally able to realize some object permanence - which means that he realizes that just because he can't see things anymore doesn't mean they're not there. So, while I have no advice on how to fix it, I want to assure you that it's a perfectly normal stage of development that most all parents go through! :o)