Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's The Holiday Season

Whew! These past couple weeks have been insane jam-packed. Leading up to Thanksgiving thoughts of all the trips we had to take, the many germy, gross eager loving relatives that couldn't wait to touch my healthy little baby, and all the goodies I had to bake bombarded my head & made me crazy nervous. Everything was going to be so different this year with little one here. And of course I was freaking out for no reason. We had a wonderful holiday with all of our family, there weren't any baby or mommy meltdowns & I didn't even follow everyone around dousing them in purell, bahaha. 

My sister & I couldn't miss out on all the black friday deali-o's so we were out at 3:30am with all the other crazies. Kohl's opened at three, we thought the inital rush would be in lines by the time we got there at 4ish, WRONG! Tash & I grabbed some things, tried to find the end of the line which just so happened to wrap around the entire friggin store & was 2 1/2 hours long! Needless to say we weren't waiting in that thing so we hid our bag of goodies in the kidlet section behind a rack of clothes, went to the mall, then came back later to a much much shorter 20 minute line =) We met up with our parents & my grandma for some OhMiGosh yummo breakfast at Cracker Barrel, even better...they paid, thanks mom & dad! We finished up at Menard's & Wally World and all in all I'd say we scored some great stuff.

Finally, this weekend after buying yet another, yes I said another new tree <~~~long story... we put up Carson's first Christmas tree, which despite not being able to find our topper, turned out pretty well.
Carson's 1st personalized ornament

I seriously can't wait until Christmas now!

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