Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi, my name is Britney and I want to keep my kid healthy.

If I could, I'm pretty sure I would put Carson, my husband, myself, & even miss Daisy the pup in a plastic bubble to avoid the sharp corners, choking hazards, and yuckies lurking around every corner. Wouldn't it be a sight to see a whole bubble family out for stroll in the park? bahahaha. But of course I can't do that, or can I?

Being a new mom you will undoubtedly get mommy advice & It seems that every mom, young, old, having one or twenty children, believes they know the best and only way to raise a child. 

"Advice" I have been given...

Waiting till he's six months to transition to the crib in his room? "You'll regret it, he'll be sleeping with you till he's 12"

Don't pawn him off every chance you get, so you can go out? "You'll never be able to go anywhere because he won't want to stay with anyone else but you."

Need to run to the store & don't want to drag him out in the cold just for a quick trip? "Wherever I went my babies went."

Not giving him a four month old mashed potatoes, gravy, or deviled egg? "Well you had those things when you were a baby and you're alive aren't you?"

Having to vacuum everyday because the snow, dirt, and muck get tracked in from the porch? "You can't protect him from all dirt!"

Think having friends and relatives wash/sanitize their hands before holding him will help to keep him from getting sick? NOPE, you're terribly mistaken. 

I am totally aware that Carse will probably get sick this winter, it's gonna be a long one. we live in ohio, winter could last until May. But I do believe as his mom it is my job to keep him healthy as long as possible. I know there will be sick people wherever we go & they may sneeze & blow their noses in the vicinity of my baby, maybe not even washing their hands afterwards, gross. I've even heard that a little exposure to germs is beneficial for a little one's immune system. Which is fine, but it's not like I am scrubbing every inch of my house with straight up bleach...I'm vacuuming the floor for Heaven's sake!

I know that everyone is just trying to help. Their opinions about how I am doing things however are just that to me, opinions. I may take their advice & use it or I may not. I truly appreciate every piece of it too...until I am suddenly the "most over-protective parent" they've ever seen when I know I am not.

Long story, short...if I want to wrap my kid in bubble wrap to keep him healthy for one more day.
I WILL. Because he is my kid.  =)

 disclaimer: if you are anyone you know has ever given me parenting advice this post is NOT directed towards you. It is merely me writing a post about what I have experienced since becoming a mom. I really do appreciate ALL advice, whether I take it or not

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  1. haha, great picture!
    I worked in daycare for 5 years, and I would always hear parents giving "advice" to other parents, or the staff would give advice to parents, or, sometimes the parents would try to give advice to us :/
    Live and let live I say.