Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Us = party of three

Taking advantage of a 76 degree fall day, we took Carson for his first walk in the park yesterday. Carson of course fell asleep like he does on most of our walks, only to wake up as we are heading towards the car. But I'd like to believe he enjoyed the weather at the very least. The leaves are starting to change colors & the air was crisp. There were others enjoying a walk in the park & kids practicing football. Chipmunks & squirrels ran across the crackling leaves then up into the trees.

Paul & I strolled down a paved path through the woods with our sleeping boy in tow, talking about what our days had entailed and our plans for the next. I cherish the times that we get to have these "adult" conversations now nore than ever, instead of talking about how much Carson ate or how many poops he had done. Our evenings usually consist of dinner for all of us, dishes, diapering, playing, bathing, & bedtime. It seems like we have no time for each other anymore. I miss it being so easy to focus solely on one another. But I know we are just going to have to plan time to spend together & also be able to work "Us Time" into "Family time". Because "Us = party of three" now.

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