Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a few things I love about my little man

I love that he smiles so much, like...

When we pick him up out of bed in the morning.
When we talk back to him is his baby language
When we sing to him
When we make silly faces
When we "get" his belly

I love that he is sooooo ticklish

I love when Daisy jumps on the couch, brushes against his face with her fur & he moves his head from side to side to feel it, this is seriously so funny

I love when he rolls over & starts fussing because he can't get himself back over yet OR go anywhere

I love that he sleeps with his mouth open, like his mommy =)

I love that he smiles at the phone when he can hear his daddy on speakerphone

I love that he has my eye color & nose but everything else came from daddy.

I love it when he giggles

And last but not least I love that I get to spend all day, everyday with him

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