Sunday, October 24, 2010

i love halloween

Saturday night was movie night, popcorn & diet Dew included. Our feature film was Rob Zombie's "Halloween II", have to admit I had forgotten how gory violent that movie is. Whew! Not gonna lie I was a bit disturbed. But it is a good movie to watch this time of year & I got to snuggle up closer to my lover during the really scary parts.

Today we carved a pumpkin for Carson. Yes, he just sat in his bouncer gumming his fist, drooling, & squealing for the most part but the kid LOVES the color orange so he looked at the pumpkin a After we were all finished we of course took some pics, I cleaned up, & roasted the pumpkin seeds.

He wasn't too thrilled, if you couldn't tell.bahahaha


  1. putting him in the pumpkin is such a cute picture idea! xox

  2. Thanks! Wish they would have turned out better but we might do a repeat photoshoot!