Sunday, October 17, 2010

5k for TaTa's

For the past three years my sister & I have done a 5k walk for breast cancer awareness.Walking with thousands of people that have been either directly or indirectly affected by this disease has always been a wonderful & inspiring experience. This year seemed especially empowering to me however. 

A parade of women came to the stage to call out their names, how long they have been cancer free, in treatment, or recently diagnosed. As these women, some so young, gave just a little glimpse into their battles, I was in the audience tearing up, my big sunglasses the only thing hiding my emotions. I thought about how I would handle somehting like this, how I would tell my family or even worse, leaving my beautiful boy in this big world without me to guide him. He needs me, I'm his mommy & these women's families need them too! They are all so amazingly strong & brave having dealt/dealing with having cancer while still caring & providing for their families.

 I'm so proud to have been part of this event & will continue to walk for a cure every year as long as there are still mommies being taken away from their babies ( no matter how old those "babies" are), you should too!

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  1. You must take after your aunt cause i was tearing up also!!!! I think it was overwhelming to us 1st timers!! I am glad that my family was a part of this great cause.... And we will be there till the end when were able to say that all children (old or young) still can celebrate there next Birthday with the women in there life..... weather it be a grandmother,mom,aunt,sister,cousin,friend, neighbor, or someone that you never have meet... Next year is going to be better than ever and cant wait to make a difference in helping find a cure...... love ya