Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday turned into Super Peeved Wednesday!

As you all know from the last post my computer has decided to go on strike when it comes to reading my SD card, everything else works but not the feature I need. I mean literally the light comes on saying hey there is something in this slot but the dang thing decides not to do anything from that point, UGH! And, I'm getting a little anxious to upload these pictures so I can keep everyone up-to-date with little mister.
So, this morning I went in search for the USB cable to my camera in "closet of horror" in our office. Said closet has everything a man would want in it ( therefore it has many things crammed into a tiny space), considering the office used to be Paul's "Man Room", i know, gag, right? Now he is limited him to the garage which by right of passage is every man's "Man Room" & it shall stay that way. However, there are still many of his man things in the closet of horror. Everything from computer stuff, random anonymous cords & cables, a couple of his guitars, guns, ammo,filing cabinet, ancient video game systems, old Star Wars toys still in the box ( he insists will be worth good money someday, haha), basically anything testosterone related.
Okay back to being super duper peeved. So as I am digging through all this crap in the closet trying to locate said USB cable when I spot a box on the top shelf where I think he might have stored all the cables & such. I reach up on my tippy-toes to get the box, tilt it forward to pull it down & BAAAAAM! I get bashed in the face with a CD drive from an old laptop! OH EM GEE, are you frickin kidding me? First of all, why in the hell is that thing there? Second, doesn't it have a rightful place among all other old laptop CD drives, like in a landfill? And Lastly, I'm even more mad that Paul is in Columbus at a detective conference & I can't call the B!@#$ at him!
I'm really not "that" wife that calls her husband to nag him about the closet being in disarray & blame him for something he had no control over. I just wanted to give him a hard time, tell him I got hurt, him to "baby" me with sweet words over the phone & then laugh at my misfortune.
I am however the kind of person that is still ticked at that dang thing for assaulting this gorgeous face of mine, haha, I kid, I kid. =)

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  1. Oh my gosh! That sounds like my husbands closet. It is a mess and get this a shelf fell 6 months ago, 6 months! He still has not gone in there to fix it and pick everything up. It is HORRIBLE!!