Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: Saying Goodbye To A Puppy Friend =(

top left & bottom right: Christmas '98, Brina is the puppy in the middle
bottom left: Sabrina
top right: Sabastian, our other dog & older sibling to Sabrina
p.s. I'm the unfortunate looking child on the bottom right

My mom & aunt drove down to Tennessee to get Sabrina in '98. She was the cutest puppy, born with her left eye circled in pink. I remember when they brought her home she was so tiny, we didn't have any puppy food so my mom had us make her scrambled eggs & she loved them! I will always hold fond memories of her in my heart. I'll miss you Brina Weena Bo Beena Banana Fanna Fo Feena Fee Fi Mo Meena, Brina.

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  1. I marked this a long time ago to comment on (I read a lot of blogs on my phone but only can comment on a computer) and I'm sorry that I'm just getting here now. I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope you're starting to reach the stage where the memories are a little brighter and the loss not so raw. Hugs to you.